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12 Apr 2019

Full-Time Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Job Description

Company Description:

The newly established State Health Services Organisation (SHSO) in Nicosia, Cyprus, is seeking to recruit a high caliber professional for the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Applications for the vacant position of Chief Operating Officer (Central Administration) of the SHSO are now being invited. The position is considered to be of first appointment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reports directly to the CEO
  • Supervises directly the Head of strategic planning and marketing Unit, the Head of procedure and Quality Network Management Unit, the Head of Management and Development of HR Unit and other duties that are assigned.
  • Develops business plans for the delivery of administrative (administration, HR, ICT, etc.), support and other services to contribute to the achievement of the Organisation’s business plan
  • Monitors and controls the performance of the administrative, support and other services to ensure that they are provided in accordance with the business plan and annual budget
  • Systematically monitors and evaluates the quality and efficiency of administrative and support services to identify opportunities for continuous improvement and cost reduction
  • Monitors and reviews organisational structures, systems and internal regulations of administrative, support and other services within recognised efficiency and effectiveness parameters, in order to ensure that they produce the best outcomes given the available technology and resources
  • Develops and monitors compliance with policies, procedures and internal regulations
  • Develops and implements the capital works plan for maintenance and improvement to buildings and plant
  • Ensures the continuous educational development of the administrative, support and other staff
  • Ensures effective deployment and flexibility of administrative, support and other staff to meet the demands for their services
  • Has internal contact with the management team, the BoD and the Directors of Directorates and external contacts with external service suppliers
  • Exercises any activities and performs any duties assigned to him/her by the Board of Directors, the CEO and/or the relevant Law and the Regulations issued under it, and/or the internal regulations of the Organisation.



  • University diploma or title or equivalent qualification in any subject and Master´s degree in Business Administration, Healthcare Administration or related to the duties and responsibilities of the present position
  • Minimum of fifteen (15) years large hospital or major health care facility administration management experience, of which at least 10 years in top administrative positions that includes planning, organisation, guidance, coordination and monitoring of activities
  • Very good knowledge of the Greek and English Languages

Knowledge of the Languages at the required level should be justified by the candidates either through verified certifications or through an examination until the closing date for the submission of applications.

  • Extensive professional training in HRM and/or previous of at least 5 years in top managerial position of provider with minimal budget €100 million and/or number of 1000 employees is an advantage


Technical Competencies:

  • Strong strategic and financial management skills
  • Skills to lead, interact and negotiate effectively with all personnel in the facilities
  • Demonstrable knowledge on the technical and financial aspects of measuring, analyzing and reporting on hospital activity
  • Ability to implement business plans, use performance indicators and assess progress
  • Sound knowledge of the health sector and the Organisation structure (staff, infrastructure and equipment) and basket of services
  • Ability to deal constructively with conflicts
  • Strong results orientation
  • Good skills managerial implementation and evaluation

Core Management Competencies:

  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Communication and Relationship Management
  • Quality Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment
  • Business Skills and Management


Terms of Employment:

  1. Duration of the contract

Five years of duration or less, so as not to exceed the statutory retirement age.


  1. Payment

Annual fixed basic salary of €63.540 plus 6,656% general increments and current indexation allowance, which currently stands at 28,35%, which will be revised on the basis of the general and index increases granted to all managers. In addition, a thirteenth salary will be paid. Under the current situation, the annual gross salary amounts to €99.441 and includes the allowances of paragraph (3).

The Organısatıon will deduct the proportionate amounts of Income Tax, contributions to social security and any amounts resulting from deductions and/or contributions and/or salary reductions imposed by the Reduction of Employee Benefits and Pensions of Officials, Employees and Pensioners of the Public and the Wider Public Sector Law, Law 168 (I) / 2012.

The holder of the post will pay a contribution rate to the Social Insurance Fund in accordance to the relevant percentages of insurable earnings, for the employment of an employee who is not covered by an occupational pension plan, provided for by the relevant legislation. The Organisation, as an employer, will contribute to the Social Insurance Funds, the defined contributions provided for employers under the relevant legislation, for Termination of Employment, Human Resources Development and Social Cohesion.

  1. Allowances
  • Hospitality allowance € 3.570/ year
  • Travelling allowance €1.046/ year
  • Telephone charges allowance € 595/ year.


  1. Benefits after expiration or termination of the contract

At the expiration or termination of the contract or in the event of death, a bonus amounting to 1/12 (one twelfth) of the average monthly earnings of the holder of the position

Subject to the provisions of the Grant Agreement for Employees Employed by Contract with the Public and the Wider Public Sector, including the Local Authorities (General Implementation Provisions) Law 2014, Law 144 (I) / 2014 and in particular, based on article 4, an amount equal to 3% of his/her monthly earnings is deducted from the monthly earnings of the holder of the post.

According to the provisions of the same legislation, such bonus is subject to income tax, in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Law (Law 118 (I) / 2002).

In case of termination of the contract in accordance to termination of employment (see paragraph 6 below), the Board of Directors shall decide not to pay any bonuses or any part of it.

  1. Annual leave and sick leave

Will be implemented, proportionately, to the applicable for the rest of the staff, according to the relevant 2017 General Regulations for the Establishment of State Health Services Organisation (General) Regulations, as amended. Based on today’s data, the right is granted:

(a) Leave of 25 working days a year. The holder of the post must use all the days of leave allowed to him prior to the termination of his/her contract and no payment will be made for any remaining of leave days.

(b) Sick leave of a maximum of 12 calendar days a year.


  1. Termination of employment

The employment of the COO may be terminated on the basis of the provisions of the Termination of Employment Act. Furthermore, the Organisation is entitled to immediate termination of the contract if the COO:

(a) Infringes the terms of this employment contract

(b) Commits an offense involving a lack of honesty or moral obscenity

(c) Demonstrates negligence, sluggishness, indifference or inactivity in the performance of his/her duties

(d) Acts or omits to act in a manner that amounts to a breach of any of its duties or obligations

(e) Demonstrates inappropriate or improper behaviour in the performance of his/her duties

(f) Due to physical or mental disability, he/she becomes permanently incapable of performing his/her duties adequately.

  1. Medical care

Medical care as applicable to civil servants on the basis of the provisions of the Public Service (Medical Examination and Medical Care) Regulations is provided to the COO.


  1. Disciplinary and civil liability

The respective provisions of the Establishment of the SHSO (General) Regulations of 2017, as amended at that time, shall apply proportionately.

  1. General

The Terms of Employment may be reviewed whenever this is required by law and/or regulation and / or decisions of the competent authorities.

Any issue not explicitly regulated in the contract shall be governed, proportionately, by the Establishment of State Health Services Organisation (General) Regulations of 2017, as amended at any given time.

The candidate’s suitability may be evaluated through an oral and/or a written examination and/or other relevant exams where deemed necessary.


Submission of Applications:

Submission of applications no later than Friday, 03 May 2019, 14:00.

All applications are required to be made online and to be addressed to the “State Health Services Organisation (SHSO)” and should state the title of the position.


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All applications will be treated in strict confidence.

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