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29 Jun 2020

Full-Time Customized Wastewater Reuse System

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Job Description

The wastewater recycling system refers to a set of engineering facilities that use the drainage after use of various buildings or building communities, and after being treated to meet the water quality requirements of the water, and reused for various water points such as toilet flushing, greening, car washing and cleaning.
1. Hair concentrator: It can remove the large suspended matter in the influent water and play the role of pretreatment to ensure the normal operation of the subsequent equipment. The equipment can be cleaned regularly and the operation is simple.
2. Aeration adjustment tank: The bottom is equipped with an aeration head, which can adjust the water volume, homogenize the water quality, cool down and deodorize, and the activity of microorganisms in the culture water can effectively remove more than 20% of BOD5. 3. Contact oxidation tank : The tank is equipped with a new type of packing. There is a wide range of adaptability to the inflow load and changes in environmental conditions. After normal operation, it is not necessary to adjust the amount of sludge and air. Since there is less sludge, there will be no sludge expansion during operation. . Suitable for handling lower concentrations of organic wastewater.
4. Fast filter: It adopts a new fiber filter ball with large porosity and strong interception ability, and the maximum filtration speed can reach 30m/H.
5. Activated carbon adsorber: This equipment is used to ensure the water quality and is set according to the requirements of different water use.
6. Zhongshui clear water tank: store the treated water in order to maintain a certain residence time, so that the disinfectant can effectively kill microorganisms in the water.
1. Reclaimed water is an effective way to alleviate water shortage
2. Reclaimed water is an important link to achieve sustainable use of water resources
3. The use of recycled water can bring considerable benefits
4. The ecological benefits of rational use of reclaimed water are reflected in not only the elimination of the adverse effects of waste water on the urban environment, but also the further purification of the environment and the beautification of the environment.
Greywater, because its water quality is between the water supply (upper water) and the drainage (sewage), it is called Greywater. The water system in the building is a water supply system that reuses domestic sewage and wastewater after use in a building or a community and is used for construction or community as miscellaneous water. It is suitable for cities with severe water shortage and areas lacking fresh water resources.Customized Wastewater Reuse System

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